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Vanelly Ellis

I have to be honest. I am finding my way back. I am remembering who I truly am. I am unlearning a lot of negative thought patterns and habits that have held me down for quite some time.  I am learning to love and be loved in a healthy way. I have graduated, but the school of life has just started for me!                                                           


In this day and age everyone is sharing their life with each other. But what is being shared? The successes, the milestones, the joyful moments, the instagrammable moments, the positive snaps of our lives. I´m choosing to do the contrary with this blog.


I will be sharing and documenting my journey of taking control over my life, of becoming the author of my life, with all the ups and downs included. I will research all the things that I know I need to learn and share it with others that are also interested and ready to do the same. Hopefully this will be an inspiration to just start. So let’s start! 

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How can this blog help you?

Dive into the articles, check the resources out and make use of the tools that are provided in this blog!


The Quarter-life crisis is not very known yet compared to other crises in life such as the midlife crisis. Dive into the articles to get an understanding of this phenomenon.


Take a look at the books, movies, documentaries and songs that could help you in the process of overcoming this phase in your life.


Make use of the tools that are provided to help you with taking action. Little steps count!
Ranging from planning tools, mindfull excercises to action plans!

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It may feel like you´re alone. But you´re not. Share your story, the obstacles that you had to overcome and the resources that you use to cope with this process! 

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